[Advaita-l] Re: Bhasma dharana

sthanunathan Ramakrishnan r_sthanu at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 04:14:31 CST 2006

Thanks to all for replying.

   I would like some justification with quotes and
verses from shruthi or smrithi, if possible, something
that can stand independent scrutiny. The writeup by
Kanchi Acharya is very interesting, but I would be
much obliged if i can get a reply from scholars here
with references.

    What about the Varaha purana quote. Anybody knows
the context, verse etc. Does it denigrate wearing
bhasma according to vedic rules or does it denigrate
only wearing bhasma according to Pashupatha rules.

> The Dharma Shastra Says " Shraadhe Yajne  JApe Home
> Vaishwadeva Surarchane Bhsma tripundra Putatmaa
> Mritunjayate Maanasaha "
> There are ennumber of Authorities that to keep
> bhasma 

  Can you please let me know which Shastra this is
from and if possible with the verse.

Many Thanks,

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