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"Bhasma Channaha,Bhasma Shaaya Sayanaha  Rudra Adhyayi Muchayate Sarva Papaihi "

So the above sloka Says that Bhasma Dharana or one who Sleeps on Bhasma and one who chants Sri Rudram the sin will be gone .So Sri Adi Shankara is Avatara of Shiva He will not do the Nishidda Acharana and he wont live us to do Avihita Karma .

The Dharma Shastra Says " Shraadhe Yajne  JApe Home Vaishwadeva Surarchane Bhsma tripundra Putatmaa Mritunjayate Maanasaha "

There are ennumber of Authorities that to keep bhasma ,Some other followers will not so we wont say that that is not right .The Sampradaya that he followed is not todays he is following from parampara .
Sanjay Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at gmail.com> wrote:  
Sri Sthanunathan Ramakrishnan wrote:

> Is there any shruthi pramana for bhasma dharana. My
> wife is a Madhva by conviction and she says that
> wearing bhasma is nishiddha according to Varaha Purana
> and that there is no shruthi basis for it either.

kAnchI paramachArya has argued that it is the bhasma dharana that has 
vedic roots. On the other hand, the practice of wearing nAmam by 
vaishanavas has its origin in sectarian traditions. Details are in list 
series on shankar sampradAyam:



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