[Advaita-l] words and vedas

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 00:19:50 CST 2006


First of all thanks to Shri Kartik, for the excellent
series on mImAmsA.

Some preliminary thoughts on words, sentences, vedas,

Assumptions (these may be more than assumptions, but
let us for the time being stay with this):
1. Individual sounds, consonants, and vowels,
represent basic tattva-s.
2. tattva-s are eternal, and so is their
inter-relationship. i.e. neither tattva-s or
relationship between them evolve, but simply surfaces
when time and circumstances are appropriate.
Then it follows that:
(A) words, which are combinations of basic sounds,
represent more complex tattvas that can be understood
as combinations of basic tattvas.

(B) Sentences are representations of eternal
relationship between tattvas.

Let us call the language that is so formed as

I)  samskRta, by definition, is the language that
expresses the knowledge of tattva-s.
II) well formed samskRta words, as well as sentences,
irrespective of the topic discussed by them, are
III) The term shabda brahma, now makes sense. Whatever
exists as brahma, can either be experienced and known
by employing senses, and the mind - jnAna and vijnAna
related to brahma, OR, same truths can be understood
by indepth study of samskRta language.
IV) In this context it may be possible to understand
claims like: "Vedas were words SEEN by the RSi-s".

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