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Wed Jan 25 20:14:26 CST 2006

  I refer to correspondence if there would be adverse action of wrong pronounciation of Mantras.  
  Look how this shloka is pronounced in different regions:
  Shankaraa, Bhayankaraa, Chandra choodaa.....
   1. Sankara, Bayankara, Shandra shooda .....
   2. Shankar, Bhayankar, Chandra chood.....
   3. Shonkar, Bhoyonkar, Chondra chood
  As a general  view it is better always to follow the rules of grammer and diction. Regional variations are bound to come.If any error as crept in do not worry about it. God is impressed with your intention rather than expression. Even a stammerer need not be afraid. 
  As a student of vedanta we have studied that even a mistake is a form of God.
  Hence focus on the action of repeating the mantra rather than its ill effects.
    "Samprapte sannihite kale nahi nahi rakshati dukrinkarane"
    "It is Bhakti that is important, not vibhakti"
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