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dear shrI rAm garib,

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> Here gItAchArya uses the word "dehI" instead of
> "AtmA". Is this use intentional or un-intentional?
> Reason for my doubt is this - If self is said to be
> changeless without any vikaara, how can it
> re-incarnate? "dehI" here would fit more aptly with
> sukshma sharira or karana sharira rather than the
> usual meaning of "self". 

seeing the preceeding and succeeding shloka-s, we can
safely conclude that kR^iShNa is talking about the
Atma svarUpa here. the self is spoken of as a dehI in
the same sense that it was called a sharIri earlier in
the gItA (antavanta ime dehA nityasyoktAH sharIriNaH.
2.18). here, deha includes all the three (kAraNa,
sUkShma and sthUla) sharIra-s. the intention, as
stated earlier, is to show the immutable self. bodies
appear and disappear. 

dehI can also be interpreted to mean a jIvAtmA
(brahman with avidyA as the upAdhi). in that case,
this shloka would refer to reincarnation for the
jIvAtmA. reincarnation is only for the jIvAtmA, not
for the AtmA.

vasudevaH sarvaM,

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