[Advaita-l] GITA - 2.22

Krunal Makwana krunalmakwana at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 29 07:56:36 CST 2006

Dear Rambhai,

>Here gItAchArya uses the word "dehI" instead of
>"AtmA". Is this use intentional or un-intentional?
>Reason for my doubt is this - If self is said to be
>changeless without any vikaara, how can it
>re-incarnate? "dehI" here would fit more aptly with
>sukshma sharira or karana sharira rather than the
>usual meaning of "self".

I think you have made a very valid point here also taking into consideration 
abhishekbhai's views. I would rather agree in the former. The reason why i 
agree with this statement is that jivAtmA is identical to ParamAtmA and for 
this reason it is beyond all levels of thought and etc.

Taking the 3 bodies into account i would presume 'dehI' in the term used 
here is 'kArana Sarira' this is because the causal body instigates the use 
of another body not the AtmA. The Atma is unaffected so to say the AtmA 
moves from one body to another is incorrect as the body is only a 
superimposition on the mind. The kAran (Soul) does not move, it is the 
superimposition that the individual is a kartA (agent) and the sense of 
kartR^itva (doer-ship), and these come in the sense of the causal body as 
they bind man to saMsAra.

So to say they AtmA moves from one place to another is incorrect. The AtmA 
never moves, here Lord krsna is just using it as an analogy. But to say that 
the soul moves from one body to another would go against the meaning of 
'sarva khalu idam brahma', how can the atma move from itself into another 
part of itself if the atma is indivisable?

If you look at the verse in detail it uses two forms of bodies 'sharIra' and 
'deha'. My understanding is that the 'sharIra' mentioned is the material 
body and deha is the causal body. This is because Mr.X leaves his body to 
become Mr.Y due to the unfulfilled vAsanAs (desires etc) which cause the 
kArana SarIra to act and take up another body (Mr.Y). This is why krsna when 
asked by Arjuna what are the enemies, replies 'kAma esha' as the fist enemy.

This is my understanding of this verse. I ask the scholars to correct me if 
i am wrong.

Kind regards,


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