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Dear Members
About Advaita it can be said -that all philosophies are in Advaita but
Advaita is not in them.As Lord Krishna says in the Bahavad gita-All are in
Me but Iam not in them-Ch9Sloka4-Maya thathamidham......avasthitha:
Just it occured to me and I wanted to share it with you all.
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Manish-ji wrote:
I won't say that there is any other philosophy, everything is degraded or
upgraded aspect of advaita... for the purport of advaita is "to make a path
through all these" to a state of transcendence, where its true meaning

... The philosophy of eat, drink, marry and sleep as propounded by charwaks,
even that can be considered as much a part of advaita "though degraded to
greatest extent", for in advaita "if you attain a higher stand point only
then you can see why it is so"...

... I hope all of you on this advaita list will try to present your thoughts
as boldly as you feel like. There is a discussion, and an understanding, and
no argumentation.

With the invitation in the last para above, I've taken the liberty to mark
some of your own words in quotes since my comments are in the context of

When you say that there is a purpose to *following* advaita and then say
that all that there is is a degraded (or upgraded) form of advaita, and only
after attaining a higher stand point, one knows why, didn't you see some
contradiction? IMHO, what Amuthan-ji and others tried to point out is quite
that. If one follows advaita, one walks the path in the traditional way to
whatever extent possible; even so, Chaarwaaks having a degraded version of
advaita or "anything goes" is meaningless till one attains a so-called
advaitic position. After that, what one does is best known to a jnaani. In
some way, even when you mention the extreme of Chaarwaaks, you don't suggest
that following that path realizes oneself. So, the goal being (advaitic)
realization, there is no scope for mixing up any other psychology or
philosophy into advaita because all is some form of advaita. All those rest
only as argumentative logic for correction, nothing more. They can't be
brought on to the traditional advaita as a following.

My apologies if this sounds harsh, but I'm reminded of a friend's Guru
telling him about why sandhyaavandana is done in a pooja room and not in
front of a gutter, even though the Lord is everywhere! (I hope this is not
seen as my naming other philosophies as gutters; I respect them all)

shivam shaantam advaitam,
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