[Advaita-l] sri chandrashekhara ashtakam by sri shankaracharya

latha vidyaranya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Sun Jul 16 22:26:22 CDT 2006

hari om
  greetings to all for the successful performance of spiritual sadhana during the chaturmas.
  i am interested to learn the meaning of the sri chandrashekhara ashtakam composed by sri shankaracharya - every four lines of the hymn ending with the words "chandrashekaramaashraye mama kim karishyati vai yama".
  i would like to have pratipadaartha and also the gist of every stanza. can any one please help me? or can any body tell me the web link to the shlokas of sri shankara with meanings explained?
  thanking you all in anticipation of help,
  hari om

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