[Advaita-l] sri chandrashekhara ashtakam by sri shankaracharya

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Wed Jul 19 21:03:14 CDT 2006


My understanding is this sloka was originally composed by Markandeya, when 
Yama came to take his life at 16. Lord Siva protected Markandeya and blessed 
him to be a chiranjeevi. Lord Siva also kicked Yama with His foot for 
troubling His devotee who was intensely absorbed in His bhakti.


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>hari om
>   namaste
>   greetings to all for the successful performance of spiritual sadhana 
>during the chaturmas.
>   i am interested to learn the meaning of the sri chandrashekhara ashtakam 
>composed by sri shankaracharya - every four lines of the hymn ending with 
>the words "chandrashekaramaashraye mama kim karishyati vai yama".
>   i would like to have pratipadaartha and also the gist of every stanza. 
>can any one please help me? or can any body tell me the web link to the 
>shlokas of sri shankara with meanings explained?
>   thanking you all in anticipation of help,
>   hari om
>   namaste
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