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Thu Jul 20 09:14:24 CDT 2006

Shree Abishekji - PraNAms 

As I understand - it is not in the place of the mind, it is clear
understading that of Brahman is everything that includes Brahman in the
form of body, mind and intellect as well as in the form of the jagat
too.  Nothing gets destroyed other than our notions about the world of
objects or the reality we associate to the world of objects. Only our
notions gets destroyed since they are notions.

Hari Om!

--- Abhishek RK <rkabhi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Namaste,
> > will  go away. For jiivanmukta everything is nothing but Brahman and
> > that includes the body,mind and intellect too.
> That means, the mind=Brahman or effectively, in the place of the mind,
> He sees Brahman. Can we call this the destruction of the mind?
> Regards,
> Abhishek
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> satyena dhAryate pR^ithvi satyena tapate raviH|
> satyena vAti vAyushca sarvaM satye pratishThitam||
> calA lakShmIshcalAH prANAshcalaM jIvita yauvanaM|
> calAcale ca saMsAre dharma eko hi nishcalaH||
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