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Thu Jul 20 12:29:24 CDT 2006

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> > >From: S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > >Absolutely false!
> > >
> > >One of the chief pre-requisites for jIvanmukti is manonAsha or
> > >destruction of the mind. Please refer to the jIvanmuktiviveka of
> > >vidyAraNya.
> > >
> > >-Kartik
> Shree Kartikji - PraNAms 


> As I understand, the destruction of the mind means distruction of
> the
> notional mind or the notions that is I am this or I am that or the
> world
> is separate from me and I am limited etc. and not the mind that can
> think objectively; otherwise we would not have any guru left to
> teach
> after he becomes jivan mukta.

To the real Guru, there is neither teaching nor disciple.

You have brought up this issue before - that the Guru is a person who
is in the world and teaches the disciple. I beg to differ. The Guru
is not of this world at all.

All the disciple sees is the body attributed to the Guru, and the
disciple supposes that the Guru must also have bodily perceptions,
bodily pains and perceive the world through the body - just like the
disciple. This is a completely mistaken idea by the disciple. I would
go so far as to say that if the disciple really thinks that the Guru
is of this world and perceives duality like the disciple, he (the
disciple) will not really proceed on the spiritual path.


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