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Lakshmi Muthuswamy lakmuthu at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 22:58:35 CDT 2006

  This post has been confusing to me. I am unable to decipher who wrote to whom. Anyways I thought I should share my thoughts.
  Well said. 
  The teacher when he sits on the seat called the 'vyasa pIta', to unfold the Shastras, he is is to be looked upon as Isvara. Otherwise also he is Isvara. 
  He is to be treated with higer degree of respect. Because it is not the person with the body who is unfolding the sastras. The knowledge flows down from within him - from Isvara. Its a grace that the teacher has earned. The teacher is the chosen person by Veda MAta.
  Who makes us remember, recollect and reproduce during the examinations, all that we learned in school and colleges? We had spent years studying and had exercised a lot of effort in preparation.
  Similarly the ShAstra teacher would have spent years in studying and understanding the shastras with "SHRADDHA" and devotion from his teacher. Otherwise he will never be able to sit on the venerable 'vyasa pItam'. He would have earned his teachers grace, there by shastras grace and Isvaras grace. This is not all that easily obtainable my dear.
  We study the prasthAnathryam and also Shankara Bhashyam.  We do look upon Shankara with great respect as an Avatara of Shiva. 
   In the Srimad Bhagavatam Skanda 3.24. 36-37. - Kapila's dialogue with his Father Kardama says
  (Kapila is an avatara of Lord Narayana and he expounded the Sankhya philosophy)
  Etanme janma loke asmin mumukshUNAm durAshayAt
  prasankhyAnAya tatvAnAm sammatAyAtmadarshane.
  Esha Atmapato avakto kashtah kAlena bhuyasA 
  tam pravartayitum dehamimam viddhi mayA bhRtam.
  My present birth in this world is meant only for expounding the true nature of tattva- (categories) so helpful in Self-Realization to those who are seeking a release from their subtle body.
  This mysterious path of self knowledge has been obscured through long ages. Know that this personality has been assumed by Me in order to revive that path.
  This is from the Puranas, but still cannot be dismissed because this was written by Bhagavan Vyasa for whom we offered puja as our teacher on Gurupurnima day on 11th July 2006 in the form of an image or an idol.
  Poor Vyasa, if were to be alive, even he would not have been spared!!!
  As human beings we are so used to being judgemental about everything. We set our own standards according to our own ideals - unless  the other than me matches with my opinions and standards - nothing in the jagat is going to accepted. "ACCEPTABLE TO ME" is the criteria.
  om namo narayanya
  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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