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DoSha ParihArAShTakam
  Author – Shri Sridhara Venkateshacharya popularly known as AyyavAl from Tanjore. He lived 300 years ago.
  dosha means defects, weakness, vices
  parihAra means varjanam giving up.Giving up whose defects? Not bothered giving up of others defects but our defects asmAkam doSha parihAra. 
  AShaTakam – 8 verses.
  What doShas. There is an end list of doShas but the authosr has highlighted one doSha that is pointing out of finding doShas in others, in other peoples weaknesses/vices, dwelling upon them, enjoying their propagation and free distribution.
  How to avoid finding fault with others?
  Vesre no. 1
  anyasya doShagaNanAkutukam mamaitat
  AviShkaroti niyatam mayi doshavatvam
  doShah punarmayi na cedakhile satIshe
  doShagrahah kathamudetu mamesha tasmin
  Hey Isha! Oh Lord, I seem to enjoy one job very much anyasyagaNanAkutukam – the defect of other people and counting them. 
  In that kutukam I derive joy Ananadah
  Oh Lord finding fault with others and talking about them is the biggest fault that I have.
  Avishkaroti niyatam finding fault with others reveals one thing in me. What is that?
  Mayi doShavatvam It revelas my doSha my defect.
  How do we say that? He gives a logic for this. What is wrong in finding fault with others? The reason the author gives that in the scriptures and in the reliogion, we are taught to see sarvam vishnumayam jagat/ sarvam shivamayam jagat/ sarvam devi mayam jagat/ sarvam khalu idam brahma. If we are tarainiung ourselves to see the Lord everywhere tribhuvana vapusham vishNumIshan namAmi and if this is my aim what should I see? NirdoSha Isvarah alone everywhere. I must be able to see the Pure Lord  everywhere. If I see many defects, the defects are not in the Lord VisvarUpa but in my mind, due to this I am seeing defects in the defectless Lord. 
  NirdoShe Ishvare doSha darshana adhYasah eva mama doShah.
  There fore he says doShah punarmayi na mayi cedakhile satIshe – Ishe akhile sati
  When every thing in the world is nothing but the Lord
   doShagrahah kathamudetu mamesha tasmin if in that world which is nothing but the Lord, and I am seeing doSha, where does the defect lie?
  DoShah mayi eva. Therefore if there were no doSha in me, how will I find fault with the lord Who is right in front of me? In this verse he talks about dosha darshanam from the philosophical/religious angle
  To be continued
  Om namo narayanya
  Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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