[Advaita-l] brahman

S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 18:52:02 CDT 2006

Mahesh Ursekar wrote:

I would like some clarification of Iswara viz a viz Maya. I looked up your
terms and concepts section on the definition of Iswara but cannot seem to
reconcile the two. In definition of Panchadasi, it is mentioned that:

"Iswara controls maayaa and is the antaryaamii or Inner Controller of all

How can Iswara control maya? Maya is a manifestation of Brahman. It is often
said the relation of Brahman to Maya is like that of fire to its heat.

My statement that ISvara controls Maya is taken verbatim from Panchadasi.
You can understand this only if you continue to study these texts in depth.

maaya is the power of Brahman. Is the power not under the control of its

How can ISvara feature in the order of creation? Is he a created being? He
is Brahman with attributes, saguNa Brahman. Pardon me if I say that you can
understand these fundamental points only after a study of texts like
Panchadasi, Vivekachudamani, etc in depth.


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