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Fri Nov 10 17:58:18 CST 2006

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> KJ prabhuji:
> Let us first accept that fitting avidyA into a two-fold logic is
> IMPOSSIBLE. It is not for nothing that advaitins have declared
> avidyA
> to be anirvachanIya.
> bhaskar :
> Strictly speaking, avidyA is NOT anirvachanIya,

Do you have a quote from Sankara that says that avidyA is NOT

> it is quite natural
> to
> human mind. In adhyAsa bhAshya shankara exclusively deals with the
> term
> *adhyAsa/avidyA and goes on to explain it is naisargika (quite
> natural) &

So avidyA is naisargika and anirvachanIya!

> he never say adhyAsa is anirvachanIya....Infact,  shankara
> attributes
> anirvachanIyatva to *mAya* which is in turn explained as *avidyA
> kalpita or
> avidyAkruta*...

So mAyA and avidyA are both anirvachanIya!

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar


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