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praNAms Sri Kartik Jayaraman prabhuji
Hare Krishna

> bhaskar :
> Strictly speaking, avidyA is NOT anirvachanIya,

KJ prabhuji:

Do you have a quote from Sankara that says that avidyA is NOT

bhaskar :

Prabhuji, shankara has dedicated substatial amount of time in explaining
*what is adhyAsa/avidyA* in his preamble to sUtra bhAshya.More importantly
whenever shankara explains the nature of avidyA he clearly states that it
is natural to human mind..In gIta bhAshya he clearly explains this avidyA
is of three types i.e. non perception (agrahaNa), misconception
(anyathAgrahaNa) and doubting (saMshaya)...prabhuji, from this is it not
clear avdiyA is NOT anirvachanIya??

> it is quite natural
> to
> human mind. In adhyAsa bhAshya shankara exclusively deals with the
> term
> *adhyAsa/avidyA and goes on to explain it is naisargika (quite
> natural) &

KJ prabhuji:

So avidyA is naisargika and anirvachanIya!

> he never say adhyAsa is anirvachanIya....Infact,  shankara
> attributes
> anirvachanIyatva to *mAya* which is in turn explained as *avidyA
> kalpita or
> avidyAkruta*...

So mAyA and avidyA are both anirvachanIya!

bhaskar :

Kindly elaborate, I didnot get it !!??  After explaining the concept of
avidyA, shankara goes on to say mAya is/as fictiously imagined by avidyA by
giving the foam & water example.  The objective appearance of this
multifarious world due to avidyA has been explained by shankara by saying
it cannot be defined to be identical with Ishwara or brahman or quite
different from brahman...Here exactly shankara uses the words like
tattvAnyatvAbhyAmanirvachanIya...But NOT while explaining the


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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