[Advaita-l] Discussion on the Garuda Purana and rituals

latha vidyaranya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jul 20 01:07:36 CDT 2007

hari om,
  very well said.
  a true jnaani must be able to come down to the level of an ajnaani to assuage his sorrows and ttry to lift him up. this is true empathy.

srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:
  This is with reference to the discussion on Garuda Purana,the excerpts
which sri Jaladhar Vyasji sent and the relevance of rituals for the
Adwaitin.It is not that an Adwaitin remains impervious to the sorrow
around like a "jadapadartha".His heart melts for those who are grief
stricken.A true Jnani will descend to the level of the sufferers to
assuage their feelings.Infact, it is the duty of a Vidvan to wipe the
sorrow of others.Our ancient Rishis were ritualistic to help others who
are less knowlegeable in such situations so that the soul can make the
journey to different lokas obtained by his/her Karmas.It is mentioned that
there are two paths for the Soul.The Uttarayana path is taken by those who
do Upasana and the Dakshinayana path is taken by those who do Karmas.It is
not easy to obtain Brahmajnana with our ajnana.The karmas have to be worn
out by their observance.In the Bhagawadgita,the Lord commands that a Jnani
has to do the karmas for the sake of others and should not confuse their
mind while they remain in Karmakhanda.He does them for the sake of
Lokasangraha.The Lord himself says that he has nothing to gain or lose by
doing these actions.Besides,it is not easy to overcome grief.What use is a
religion if it cannot feel for the suffereing of others?
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