[Advaita-l] Is vairAgya/renunciation a result of glumness??

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Fri Jul 20 01:14:32 CDT 2007

Hare Krishna

Yesterday I was discussing with one of my friends casually, the topic was
about vairAgya.  He said that vairAgya or dispassion is always a result of
some grief in one's life.  He took the examples of buddha, dhruva, ramaNa
maharshi & argued, see buddha had to see the miseries of life, dhruva had
to suffer from his step mother & ramaNa had to undergo that strange
experience of death to get vairAgya....If everything is going fine in one's
life, he/she never even think about vairAgya despite he/she is very
philosophical & spiritual in his/her normal approach towards life.   My
friend continued to argue, though most of us  know the importance & talk
hours together about  dispassion & renunciation etc.  we never try to put
them into practice coz. we donot want to come out of our comfort zone.   I
thought in a way, he is right!!! Because, I've not seen/heard any incident
where one, who was leading a comfortable & secured  life took saNyAsa by
mere discrimination (vivEka) without any untoward incidents..Either there
must be a severe catastrophe in his/her life or there must be a traditional
obligation (thouse who belong to & studied under the guidance of orthodox
saNyAsa Ashrama/ mutt) to force them to adopt themselves to saNyAsi way of
life or to the path of vairAgya.

I know this is only limited vision of vairAya...I'd be highly obliged if
prabhuji-s share any additional thoughts on this subject.  If those
thoughts make me to think about  the path of vairAgya seriously,  nothing
like that!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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