[Advaita-l] News about GitAmRta-mahodadhiH. Help requested

V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 23:11:17 CST 2007

Namaste all

Those of you who have been on the list for several years would know and
recall that I have been wanting to bring to light the marathon 880 page
Sanskrit work of my father Shri R. Visvanatha Sastri (1882-1956) in more
ways than one. I tried to put it on my geocities website along with some
English translation and comments, but I did not even finish the first 150
pages. Later inspired by some discussions on Yoga, advaita and samAdhi I
tried to jump into the fifth chapter of the manuscript and went along giving
members on the advaitin list the original as well as some translations but
that also was not completed. On my own I tried to put just the original in
devanagari script  on my site, but that was also not completed.

Finally now I have some success. All the 879 pages in the author's
handwriting in Grantha script have now been scanned and made into four pdf
documents each around 125MB in size. It is now on my computer. But I do not
yet know which site will give me so much cyberspace to put it all on the
web. I would welcome suggestions and help in this matter. 

Incidentally those members who want more information on the manuscript and
its contents can browse through



PraNAms to all students of advaita


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