[Advaita-l] Software for Generating Sanskrit Documents Using Grantha Lipi

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:00:58 CST 2007


I created Sri Meenakshi Pancharatnam in grantha lipi using mudgala IME
 with the grantha font that is available in IndoLipi. If you are
interested in using grantha, this software is a great resource for


Mudgala IME is in alpha stage and is being developed by Ajit Krishnan
(mudgala.com). He is currently working on getting the vedic svara-s
correctly using all the available ligatures in Chandas (devanagari)
and also for Grantha. This IME supports multiple input format and very
easy  to use.
If you are interested in testing this software please let me know by
personal e-mail or contact Ajit directly using the e-mail available on
his website.

You can find out about IndoLipi at

With best wishes,


(There are a lot old texts in grantha and even now smaarta and shaiva
veda paaTha shaala-s in TN use grantha. Kanchi paramachaarya shrii
shrii chandrasekharendra sarasvati often commanded tamil speaking
aastika-s to learn and use grantha [instead of using Tamil, which does
not have ligatures to represent all the sanskrit phonemes]. IMHO,
using grantha is a much better option that using Tamil with numbers or
using bold/etc. to create the necessary symbols).

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