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Wed Nov 28 04:33:34 CST 2007

--- Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Would greatly appreciate any leads from the
> mahArathI-s of this list
> in establishing the mithyAtva of fundamental
> particles without using
> the avasthAtraya analysis.

Shree Ramesh - PraNAms.

There is fundamental problem in your question.  

You are seeking answers about the fundamental truth
through pratyaksha and anumaana, when you turn to
science to establish the mithyaatvam of the universe.

Jagat is mitya only from the point of satya. 

Science can never validate or invalidate the absolute
truth of the universe.  Vedanta alone is pramaaNa. If
so, you will never be able establish though the
inquiry of the particles about the nature of the
reality.  All you will be able to establish through
fundamental Physics is, as I stated before, that there
will be no end for the enquiry like any science, we
will be continue to break the particles along with out
heads. That is why I said there is no swaruupa laxana
for the world other than Brahman since Brahman is the
substantive of the world and for that Vedanta alone is
pramaaNa. From avasthaatraya analysis what scripture
establishes the two equations:  idam sarvam is brahma
and ayam aatma brahma. 

Any way, let me know if you find the answer to your

Hari Om!

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