[Advaita-l] Notes on Nisargadatta Maharaj

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 5 16:21:17 CDT 2008

There are some notes about Nisargadatta Maharaj (NM) in the website
below claiming that NM still felt the "I am the body" idea rising up
again and again. NM also apparently said that there is an "endless
journey of self-discovery", which seems contradictory to the final
state of advaita siddhi where the "journey" finally ends in Supreme
Steady Abidance in the Self.

Can someone please confirm or deny the statements about NM here:


"In the case of Sri Ramana, the ego ended in the experience in
Madurai, and from that moment onwards, Sri Ramana says there was no
change in his experience. That is consistent with Sri Ramana’s
description of Sahaja Samadhi. 

The case if Sri Nisargadatta is quite different. Sri Nisargadatta
continued until the end of his life to describe the changes that were
occurring. For example he said that previously he thought he was free
of the ‘I am the body’ identification but that now he could see that
some had remained, etc. 

Also Sri Nisargadatta had the view that after Self-Realization there
is an endless journey of discovering oneself. Both these are
consistent with those who go in and out of kevala Samadhi. However
those descriptions are completely inconsistent with Sahaja Samadhi. 

In Sahaja Samadhi there is no longer an entity that can undergo
changes in the level of ‘I am the body’ identification and there is
no longer an entity that can go on learning about itself and there
are no parts in the Self so that one part can be revealed to another

Thus the state that Sri Ramana Maharshi was in is called Sahaja
Samadhi. The state that Sri Nisargadatta was in and out of and in and
out of is called kevala samadhi."

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