[Advaita-l] Discussion Chandogya 8.6.6

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sun Apr 27 23:44:35 CDT 2008

This is with reference to the above topic by Sri. Ramesh Krishnamurthy on
the verse 8.6.6 in Chandogyopanishad.He says that in that verse the
raising of the energy from the muladhara chakra through the nerves to the
sahasrara is explained,but Shankara does not give an explanation.In
Vedantic view,Yoga techniques are given only cursory mention,but is not
explained according to Yoga view of reality.Only in some manuals which
have been written in recent times the Yoga method of explanation is
given.Also,Hathayoga is different from Yoga of Patanjali.the Hatha Yoga
was developed before Patanjali.Patanjali comes closer to Vedantic view
except in some technical aspects.In his Bhashyas,Sri.Shankara only
explains what is relevent in the discussion according to the Vedanta
Bhava Shankara Desika me Sharanam.                       N.Srikanta.

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