[Advaita-l] Discussion Chandogya 8.6.6

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Mon Apr 28 00:19:34 CDT 2008

Sri. Ramesh Krishnamurthy on  the verse 8.6.6 in Chandogyopanishad,says
that in that verse the  raising of the energy from the muladhara chakra
through the nerves to the  sahasrara is explained,but Shankara does not
give an explanation.
Mr Srikanta says that in  Vedantic view,Yoga techniques are given only
cursory mention.In his Bhashyas,Sri.Shankara only  explains what is
relevent in the discussion according to the Vedanta  sampradaya.

But in Soundarya Lahari Sri Shankar mentions of these 6 chakras in many
verses mainly in # 9, which is as follows:

MahIm MUlAdhArE kimapi MaNipUrE hutavaham
sThiTham swAdhisthtAnE  hrUdi marutamakashamupari|
manOpi bhrumadhyE sakalamapi bhitvA kulapatham
sahasrArE padmE saha rahasi patyA viharase|

Again in Stanza 14, 35 , 39, 41 and in many other places these chakras are
used using different wordings.
Hence I request the learned to discuss about the use of Patanjali Yoga
sutaras in Shankara Bhasyas. Of course there are some opinions that the
Soundarya Lahari's author is not Sri. Shankaracharya.
Subramanya UH

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