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Dear Marko,
Bhagavan Krishna declares in Bhagavadgita
manushyANAm sahasrEshu kashcit yatati siddhayE
yatamapi siddhAnAm kashcit mAm vEtti tatvataha||7-3||
One in thousands of men perchance strives for perfection. and one perchance 
among the blessed ones striving thus knows me in reality.
That means one in  a million realizes me, that is also rare. Once realized 
he becomes Brahman ( Brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati).
You may be one in a million who is realized.
You don't seem to be realized since Bhagavan Shankara in his Viveka 
Chudamani explains the features of Brahma in 10 stanzas starting from verse 
No. 264. As the length of this  posting will increase if all are quoted with 
meanings,(Members are requested to refer to original text especially Mr. 
Marko).  I will give reference of first verse with its meaning;
jAti nIti kula gOtra dUragam, nAma rUpa guNa dOsha varjitam
dEshakAla vishayAtivartiyad brahmatatvamasi bhAvayAtmani
That which is beyond caste and creed, family and lineage, devoid of name and 
form, merit and demerits, transcending space , time and sense objects that 
brahman art thou , meditate on this in thy mind.
Thus different features of Brahman are explained vividly for meditation.
It seems you don't have any of such attributes explained in these 10 verses 
and hence the group members are trying to say " If any one claims that he is 
realized, he is not" and this one is a Upanishadic statement, I don't 
remember the source, I have heard in one of the lectures.
Remember that birds will flock at Mango groves when fruits are ripe and the 
Tree never invites them. Hence no one needs to prove!
Hats off Mr Marko, if you really realized.
Your comments are welcome after you read all these ten verses and 
understanding them deeply.
Best wishes and regards
Subrahmanya UH

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> My dear Sadananda,
> here we go again ; ))
> "Hence any statement that I am self realized - makes one comedown from
> self-realization."
> Believe me, once you are there, nothing makes you comedown anymore, I 
> don't
> know how to explain it, no statement of mine, of yours or of other people
> can even touch that. If I say I am self realized I am just saying it
> because I am so happy that it happened, no more than that. I see no Maya
> anywhere, and I know all my spiritual searchings and sadhana are finished. 
> I
> feel it happend more by grace than by my efforts. Acctually when my 
> efforts
> to undestand were finished it happened. I have no idea how.
> "Hence as Sanaani stated no sage ever declares that I am realized other 
> than
> to his teacher, perhaps, as confirmation of his correct understanding of 
> the
> truth."
> I am not pretending being a sage or a teacher or a man of immense
> compassion, I am just a normal man who is trying to do the best for his
> family, friends and society. I will tell you more than that. I am able to
> hate people, to spend time in gossip, to desire lots of money and so on. 
> So
> I am definitely not something special in any aspect. I just know it is
> there, it is like a feeling of something quiet and magic at the same time
> which is with you all the time and never leaves you. I am sincere 100%.
> enjoy!
> Marko
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