[Advaita-l] 2 Questions

Sasidhar Reddy kmsasidhar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 14:00:49 CDT 2008

My dear friends!

I'm really not curious in determining who is realized.
The best answer for this is 'Aham Brahmasmi kevalam'.

I'm not curious too, in the translation of the above statement. But what i
understood is, there can't be aham when it is mixed with brahman. This is
true. If aham is there, then two possible cases can be observed.
one: The soul has not enjoyed the bliss
Two: Enjoyed and living in the present like ramana maharshi, shirdi baba and
The second case is interesting. Saibaba can be observed in anger in many
cases with his devotees. Anger is not out of hatred. This is to be observed.
The only thing that the brahmans (The souls that are mixed with the brahman)
do is loving every soul. God! How come the hatred come for a soul... and
that too for a realised soul. I am not curious about the proof of it. But
The thing is I'm getting confused....

First define the word reliased in your terms my friends... I'm worried about
the word realised being used so many times with out having  a definition.

In my words, the word realization is the form of knowing the truth after an
experience. When brahman is experienced, no way there are feelings of hatred
and like for material things. Anger is an emotion and can be presented with
out attachment. But hatred can't be presented with out attachment like

I'm sorry if some one is hurt. but it's true. I'm getting confused every


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