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> > The correct ITRANS, to my knowledge, is ShaDmarShaNa
> and not SaThamarShaNa.
> I'm not sure what your source is, but atleast in my
> family they
> pronounce it as SaThamarShaNa and not ShaDmarShaNa. It may
> be possible
> that this is yet another name for this gotra, but I
> haven't heard
> about it earlier.

There is no doubt that it is SaThamarShaNa and not ShaDmarShaNa. There is a vAyu called shaTham that is generally considered to be the first air that the newborn breathes in, which causes the newborn to cry, "kva, kva!", meaning "Where have I come!" (indicating a fear of the new world, and lack of strength in standing up to one's past Karma). SaThamarShaNa did not suffer by crying like this, since he was born enlightened and realized that he was free of Karma.

People erroneously pronounce it as ShaDmarShaNa in Tamilnadu because of a lack of mahAprANam (kha, gha, cha, bha, etc.), and also the lack of distinction between T and D in the Tamil language.

> amudan.



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