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Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 23 06:08:56 CDT 2008

> One of my friends who is knowledgeable in these issues told me that
> the vasishTha and kauNDiNya gotra-s are _different_ gotra-s though
> they have the same set of 3 RshIs (vasishTha, maitrAvaruNa,
> kauNDiNya). Is this right? While on the topic, what exactly does it
> mean to say that two gotra-s as sagotra?

That is puzzling to me, as I thought that the vasishTha gotra proper is an
ekArsheya gotra and the kauNDinya gotra is a trayArsheya one. i.e., the
pravara of vasishTha gotra lists only vasishTha, while kauNDinya is vasishTha
maitrAvAruNa kauNDinya. Because of this, they are considered different
gotra-s. Perhaps, some groups refer to the trayArsheya gotra as vasishTha
by customary usage.

The order of Rshis listed in the pravara is not fixed. Different groups of people
may use different orders, again depending on regional or family customs. For
example, some bhAradvAja-s use the pravara AngIrasa bArhaspatya bhAradvAja,
but others use the order bhAradvAja bArhaspatya AngIrasa. Yet others omit the
bhAradvAja in the pravara, as it is covered in the gotra name.

If two people share the same gotra name, they are called sa-gotra. If two people
share the same pravara or a substantial part of the pravara, they are sa-pravara.
e.g. bhArgava gotra and SrIvatsa gotra are sa-pravara, because three of the five
Rshi names found in SrIvatsa gotra's pravara are the same as the three Rshi names
in the bhArgava pravara.


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