[Advaita-l] janmAShTamii

S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 10:07:43 CDT 2008

Today is janmAShTamii, the day on which Lord Krishna was born. The following
shloka from shriimad bhAgavatam describes His birth.

nishiithe tama udbhUte jAyamAne janArdane |
devakyAm devarUpiNyAm viShNuH sarvaguhAshayaH||
AvirAsiid yathA prAcyAm dishiinduriva puShkalaH ||

Then, at the hour of midnight, which ushered in the advent of the Lord
janArdana, when the darkness was at its most intense, viShNu, who dwells in
the cave of the hearts of all creatures, revealed Himself as He verily is,
in divinely beautiful devakii, even as the full-orbed moon rises in the
eastern sky.

The Lord, who is eternal, manifested Himself, just as the moon, which is
ever present, becomes visible in the eastern sky when it rises. He is
compared to the full moon to indicate His fullness (pUrNatvam).


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