[Advaita-l] Gurukula system - Is it Vedic?

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There are several references to Gurukula in the MahabhArata (Adi Parva). (I don't want to use the phrase "The Gurukula system", because that has political connotations).

I would in turn ask the gentleman "Sabhlok" where in the Veda does he find a reference to "harminising divine, spiritual and material knowledge of matter which has unsuspected vitality owing to energy principle in Shuniya (cosmic void)?" (sic).

Couple of references to Gurukula in the MahAbhArata:



  athotta~Nko gurushushrUShurguru niyogamanutiShThamAnastatra
  guru kule vasati sma .


  "So Utanka always mindful of the injunction of his preceptor took 
  up his abode in the latter's house (Gurukula)."



  sa.nhitAdhyayana.n kurvanvasanguru kule cha yaH . 
  bhaikShamuchchhiShTamanyeShAM bhu~Nkte chApi sadA sadA . 
  kIrtayanguNamannAnAmaghR^iNI cha punaH punaH .. 18..\\


  "When he [Yaja] lived in the house of his preceptor (Gurukula),
  employed in studying the institutes, he always used to eat (impure)
  remnants of other people's feasts. He always speaks approvingly
  of food and entertains no dislike for anything."


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> Dear Advaita-l list members
> Would you please answer the issues raised in this mail.
> Thank you
> Srikrishna
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> Dear Sh. Subash Razdan ji,
> With my limited knolwdge of Vedas I could not find Gurukul
> Sytem of Education in Vedas. I shall be grateful if referece
> to Vedic riks/mantars/hymns could be given
> about Gurukul system of education. In my book Glimpses of
> Vedic Metaphysics based on Vedic decription, I have given
> some details about Vedic Education System which do not
> mention about Gurukul system. Incidentally the book is
> available on the Internet and can be accessed through
> google.com, yahoo.com or even lulu.com
> It is necessary to inform the
>  followers of Sanatan Dharma what is meant by Gurukul
> System and why it is Vedic?" How Gurukuls are
> harminising divine, spiritual and material knowledge of
> matter which has unsuspected vitality owing to energy
> principle in Shuniya (cosmic void)? Do Gurukuls provide
> education till the age of 48 years for the Rudrais to
> qualify for Adityas? I have yet to see a single Gurukul
> India following Vedic Education system. If it is there
> kindly let me know its location and address. At
> Haridwar/Rishikes I did meet some students of Gurukul and
> noticed some of them were very unhappy about the kind of
> education being imparted there. They had no idea of void
> (shuniya).
> With kind regards,
> P.K.Sabhlok
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> education and Gurukula system' project for AmEx funding
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