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Sun Aug 31 02:19:03 CDT 2008

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008, M U wrote:

> It is not because of dis-belief of my elders or shastra's that I raised 
> this question. Most of the times, these so called rituals are followed 
> blindly. I think it is worth re-visiting why we do so. However trivial 
> it may sound, this is part of the efforts towards realizing non-duality 
> of the individual soul and God. I'm only a humble learner...not a shy 
> one.

As long as one asks questions for vada (for the sake of learning truth) 
and not vitanda (argument for the sake of argument) there is no reason to 
be shy.  Obedience is good but obedience with understanding is better.

>   I thank Sri Vidyasankar ji who has put a lot of effort to explain 
> it clearly. That is very similar to what I learned before. In a 
> predominant patriarchical society,

Point of information:  patrilineal (descent is through the father) as 
opposed to patriarchal (men control women.)  Patrilineal societies are 
often patriarchal and vice-versa but it need not be the case.

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