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Indological Institute         
 (Flat no D3,Narmada
Flats,Door no 53,Subramaniam  st,Abhiramapuram,Chennai India
 PinCode: 600018.email:sundararaman_k at dataone.in
This Institute has been established in 2003 to help impart
Advaita Vedanta thro conduct of 
lectures based on Sri Adisankara commentaries on
Upanishads,Brahmasutra as well as Bhagavad Gita besides other literature.Later
it was decided to establish a electronic Library of lectures as well as ancient
books on Vedanta sothat students persuing studies of Vedanta at University
level can make best use of these facilities.With this in mind lectures of Dr
Mani Dravid Sastrigal,Lecturer in Madras Sanskrit College were arranged on
Upanishads as well as Brahmasutra which was later extended to Purva Mimamsa. In
addition lectures on Sriman narayaneeyam,Sriramayanam as well as
Srivishnusahasranamam are being held for a different level of audience.Yoga and
meditation classes are held for senior citizens with a view to cure ailments.
This flat with two bed rooms,a Puja and a kitchen with two
toilets is made available by Sri K Sundararaman  free of rent and other maintenance expenses and a full fledged computer
system has been donated by a Vedanta student to record the Vedanta and other
classes and also introduce a digital libray.The digital library also contains
audio Vedanta lectures of Dr Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal, Dr R Krishnamurthi
Sastrigal(Retired Principal of Madras Sanskrit College)The library also contains
in printed document format(PDF) ancient literature besides Sankara Bhashya for
Prasthana Threya.
It is the desire of the Institute to translate the lectures
into English and make it available to a 
wider audience.With this in mind the first set of lectures
on Adhyasa Bhashya of Brahmasutra was translated and also published in “Voice
of Sankara” a magazine on Adv Vedanta published from Chennai,India.
The tamil audio lectures are made available to interested
students in CD form;while these are not priced the students are expected to
donate to cover costs.The lectures on Upanishads by  Sri Mani Dravid in Tamil based on Sankara
Bhashya are uploaded in the following  free web site and provision has been made to directly listen the lectures.
Cheques for donations can be made in the name of Sri K
Sundararaman and mailed to Flat no 1C,Karpaga Vijayam,Door no 1,Subramaniam
st., Abhiramapuram,Chennai,India,Pin Code:
600 018.(email:sundararaman_k at dataone.in)People in USA and
other countries can mail the donations to Balakrishnan Sundararaman,2306,Sandra
Drive,Cedar Park,TX 78613(phone:
512 249 5953 email:sbalakri73 at yahoo.com) 
K Sundararaman


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