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Shantanu Panigrahi shantanu_panigrahi at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 03:34:39 CST 2008

Dear all
1. In view of the skeptical comments I have just received on what I have written I am sending my experiences of the past 12 days that I sent earlier to Mr Jaldhar H Vyas in sections as advised so that these get lodged.
Practice of Advaita between 10 December 2008-12 December 2008
10 December 2008
8.14 No to Is there anything?
Edited the Cultural Heritage Zone webpage set up yesterday on Advaita Ashram. And checked if there should be any alteration to what was now in 9.58 No.. Home Treatment Team came in to supervise the medication for they have changed my medication from Risperidone (anti-psychotic) to Citalopram (an anti-depression drug) and Olanzapine (an anti-psychotic drug) because of the high blood Prolactin levels caused apparently by Risperidone and they thought I was suffering from depression. I cooperated.
10.24 Negative.
12.00/12.18 were positives to registering in Advaita Vedanta website, and sending an email with a hyperlink to culturalheritagezone webpage to Mr Sunderesan.
12.29 Negative.
11 December 2008
1.34 No to agreeing to a meeting with Mike Bradley of General Federation of Trade Unions who has responded without questions but simply asked for dates in January for a meeting to discuss. 1.56 Write back. So wrote back a 4 paragraph email to Mr Mike Bradley. 2.34 Forwarded it to David Taylor to punch in and clear the path for application for I realised that there is an opportunity to achieve something here.
2.55 Send it to TGWU/Unite the Union also.
12 December 2008
9.48: Yes to apply for jobs again. Applied for this morning's Salestarget job drawing attention to the UnionofPetrolStationWorkers.Com Foundation in the Covering Note.
10.24 No to Is there something?
Nothing came back from any of the parties sent emails yesterday. Nothing from UnitetheUnion, TUC, David Taylor at the Certification Office, nor from Mr Mike Bradley of General Federation of Trade Unions. After browsing the net found Deepak Chopra's website and decided I should seek some authority to check my questions on Advaita.10.53: Yes to sending Mr Deepak Chopra an email. So did send it asking for advice on Advaita, and Truth Consciousness referring him to the culturalheritagezone website.
11.20 No to joining the Deepak Chopra Community Forum.
11.50 No to Is there anything, after viewing an interview of Deepak Chopra by Larry King, and then finding an email back from Mr David Taylor which he copied to Mr Bradley.
1.08!? Write back to Mr David Taylor? 1.19 No. 1.21 No to writing to Mr Bradley with could you apply on behalf of the UPSW for certification and listing. 1.27 No to Forward the email from Ms Pereira to the Employment Tribunal asking for what decision has been made? 1.29 Yes to send email to Mr Bradley that I can come up on any day in January for the meeting. Sent.
1.38! Forwarded the email to Bradley to Mr David Taylor with a reply 'Is it appropriate for you to be also in this Meeting?
1.51 No to Is there something, after realising that these emails were necessary if only for self protection after the bashing delivered. Meeting is needed before I do anything further.
2.34: on returning home from a walk, Phone Mike Bradley. Dialled and spoke to a Shaun> Mr Bradley was away at a Tribunal. Left a message.
2.43: Phone David Taylor> Dialled. He too was away. Left a message for him.
2.52: Phone Employment Tribunal: Dialled and asked for result of the Tribunal. The case is still with a part-time Judge Druce.
3.12 Phoned Disability Living Allowance. They said they have received confirmation from the hospital and I should get the money from next week.
3.21. Phoned Bally Pereira . Out of office message.
3.38 Negative. 3.35 No to preparing a Rule Book for the Union of Petrol Station Workers. 
Found a Community Forum Orissa Khatti in the Internet. 5.25 Yes to Register in it. Joined it and posted a reply to an existing Discussion Topic 'n which Profession You are and what do you think you can do for Utkal' drawing attention to the culturalheritagewebsite and its Language page as what I have done for Utkal.
6.46 Negative
7.02 Yes to putting a Link in Advaita Ashram page to the first page of Union of Petrol Station Workers, at the bottom of the page so the main message of the page is not clouded.
7.16 Negative. But then took a message to add a blog on the Blog page of Orissa Khatti. Copied and pasted the Advaita Ashram page on to Blog: 'Advaita - the non dual nature of human existence.
More to follow.
Yours sincerely 
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi


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