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Shantanu Panigrahi shantanu_panigrahi at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 03:39:02 CST 2008

Dear all
Here is the second part
Practice of Advaita between 13 December 2008-17 December 2008
13 December 2008
10.07 No to writing any more blogs in Orissa Khatti.
A reply came in on my Blog under subtopic 'confusing' seeking clarity. 11.37 Yes to writing back. Wrote back on my Blog under subtopic 'clarity'.
5.57 No to responding to a reply from a sceptic who posted a somewhat nasty comment on my Blog.
14 December 2008
9.26 No to replying to the first sceptic Bejuban who came back saying 'not yet' that I have not been sufficiently clear asking big questions of what are the parameters of segregation between evil and divine. 
Found the Catholic Community Forum. 12.18 Yes to joining it, 1.09 No to entering the url details in Profile.
1.36 No to Posting anything in Catholic Community Forum when my registration is activated.
15 December 2008
1.25 No to preparing a document of Rules of the UPSW Union to send to Mr David Taylor after an email came in from him in reply to my own of whether he wishes to be part of the meeting with me and Mr Mike Bradley.
1.53 Phone Mike Bradley of GFTU. Did so and left a message with telephone number for him to phone me back.
2.17 No to Is there any message.
Saved some emails and closed computer and went for a check 3.17 No Is there anything to do. 3.22 No to what about the Robert Napier Cover Supervisors jobs advertised in Adscene.
Email came in from Mr Mike Bradley stating that they only provide research and educational material to their affiliates and it was highly unlikely that the General Federation of Trade Unions will be able to organise workers in the petrol stations because it has only 8 employees, but offering to meet on 16 or 19 January. 7.10 No to agreeing to a meeting; 7.27 No to even replying to the email. 7.46 No to writing to Mr David Taylor either.
20.47 No to Is there something (to be done)?
16 December 2008
8.58 Reply to Mr Bejuban on the Forum. Drafted a reply 9.09 More. Added the comment that Sankaracharya was wrong in the there is perfect non dualism in Advaita. It is qualified dualism or vishistaadvaitavedanta from what I understand.
9.43 No to updating the website with these comments entered in Blog.
11.18 Negative after Home Treatment Came and changed my medication again from Olanzapine to Aripiprazole (10 mg) - trade name Ambilify.
11.42 No to writing back to GFTU.
Another Scam message 'please I need your help' has been dropped into my unionofpetrolstationworkers.com webmail inbox. Ignored it. Switched off computer and went for a check for any messages 12.10 Negative.
12.41 Negative (to doing something on computer).
5.59 No to writing any reply on a good response from Mr Bejuban responding to my earlier clarification. He has said can't really agree but anyway you have raised a good topic.
7.40 No to joining IndianFriendFinder.com
17 December 2008
8.45 Negative. After going through Advaita-L emails from Jaldhar H. Vyas that came through.
10.24! After Home Treatment Team left administering 40 mg Citalopram and 10 mg Ambilify. Was taken aback with the sighting of a '7' and did pranam, as darshan took place in His infinite wisdom.
Went  for a walk feeling somewhat motivated by the last check. On return took a check 11.21 Negative.
11.31 Yes to posting the Advaita message on Advaita-1 forum. 11.36 Nothing more to change after copy pasting my bits from Orissa Khatti. Sent the email. 11.47 Negative.
Real fireworks started with Advaita-1 message had to be sent finally through Yahoo mail as there was no registration evidence. A response message looking very dodgy came into my email inbox. Checked half a dozen times before finally sending the email. 12.51 Also send to the originator of the response message. 1.06 Negative after it all ended. Did pranam. The Internet connection has been tampered with. Trying to restore it.
2.15 No to Is there anything? - after saving all the emails.
3.59 No to Should I send an email to Dennis Waite of advaita.org.uk. 4.06 No to joining the Advaita Fellowship Chat line. 4.16 No to Can I ask You whether Atman=Brahman?
as stated for Advaita in the Internet, for I had serious doubts. I do not know. I think humans or Jiva have a soul (atman) which is distinct from the presence in the body of Sri Krishna the Supreme God of the Solar System. Sri Krishna has two aspects Ram (the divine aspect) and Satan (the evil aspect). At any given moment in time human thoughts are under the influence of Ram or Satan or a mixture of both. The Creator God or Brahman God (Shiva) is the Paramatma residing in the body, and can influence the atman with thoughts and visions if He chooses to but He rarely does. Very evil souls cannot receive the divine influences of Ram but are easily influenced by Satan and an evil spirit that coordinates evil acts around the world. 4.43/4.54 No to do You have anything to say to what I have just written. 5.03 No to writing this up on the Advaita Ashram webpage. 
Edited the para after a short walk but 5.37 was to delete the word Maheshwara from after Shiva. Also deleted the word 'mind' from residing in the body and mind. 5.44 No to do you have anything to say to what is now in.
6.08 No to replying to an email message that came in from Advaita L.
8.41 Negative.
Yours sincerely
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi


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