[Advaita-l] Analysis of madhvAcArya’s mAyAvAdakhaNDanam (fwd)

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I am sure many members know that a number of non-advaitins lurk on this 
list. Some stay silent; a few pose leading questions which are an attempt 
to show how the advaita philosophy ultimately reduces to the absurd. I 
find these most helpful because these questions strengthen the theoretical 
knowledge of those who answer and those who read. There are a few who try 
to synthesise; to the same group belong non-believers - in advaita rather 
than God or Vedas - who teach, explain and clarify advaita, not their own 
belief, like me teaching Koran. These are the most dangerous because they 
dilute the basic concepts. Those of us who don't have sound knowledge 
should be very wary of this group. I guess Makwanaji's post - I have read 
his posts long enough not to doubt his intentions - comes pretty close to 
this; rather than leave the duty of filtering drops of poison - such as 
that mere stuti of God refutes advaita - to scholars who might or might 
not have time or interest, I appeal to Makwanaji to build the first line 
of defence himself or drop the series.


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