[Advaita-l] Analysis of madhvAcArya’s mAyAvAdakhaNDanam

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Sun Dec 28 08:11:58 CST 2008

Dear Sarmaji,

2008/12/27 D.V.N. Sarma <dvnsarma at gmail.com> Wrote

> Is this translation of sloka adequate?
> Where is translation of "sajGYAna"?

The translation I have given is that of Deepak Sarma and not my own. I was
looking through the internet and came across someone's blog [1] which I
found to be quite useful especially in what work I have taken (with the
blessings of the scholars of this list :) ).

The bloggers translation of the shloka is as follows:

That Narasimha (Lord Vishnu) who removes the philosophy which says that
"everything apart from Chaitanya are creations of Avidya or ignorance only"
even as Sun removes darkness and who is real, blissful, has power (which are
unlimited like ocean) – let the Lord be happy by our prayers.

Jai Sri Krsna


[1] http://mayavadadarpanam.blogspot.com/2006/05/dhyaana-sloka-1.html

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