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|| Aum Sri Gurubhyo Namah || 

Hari: Aum 

Dear Don 

Here the name of Hari is the one who removes all sufferings in the spiritual path ... 
Om Tat Sat is the utimate realization of the The Truth ... "THOU ART THAT." 

So, the prayer invokes the blessings of the Lord to lead us to the Utimate goal which is our own True Self ... 

Thanks for your question ... 

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I see you sign off your e-mails with "harihi Om tatsat". Could you please tell me then meaning of that phrase? 
Thank You, 

Don Smyth 


|| Aum shAnthih shAnthih shAnthih || 

srI pAda sEvAyAm 

|| Aum lokAh samasthAh sukhino bhavanthu || 

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