[Advaita-l] Jivanmukta - A poem by Sri Aurobindo

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Thu Feb 7 01:07:07 CST 2008

*Source : Collected Poems of Sri Aurobindo*

There is a silence greater than any known

To earth's dumb spirit, motionless in the soul

That has become Eternity's foothold,

Touched by the infinitudes for ever.

A Splendour is here, refused to the earthward sight,

That floods some deep flame-covered all-seeing eye;

Revealed it wakens when God's stillness

Heavens the ocean of moveless Nature.

A Power descends no Fate can perturb or vanquish,

Calmer than mountains, wider than marching waters,

A single might of luminous quiet

Tirelessly bearing the worlds and ages.

A bliss surrounds with ecstasy everlasting,

An absolute high-seated immortal rapture

Possesses, sealing love to oneness

In the grasp of the All-beautiful, All-beloved.

He who from Time's dull motion escapes and thrills

Rapt thoughtless, wordless into the Eternal's breast,

Unrolls the form and sign of being,

Seated above in the omniscient Silence.

Although consenting here to a mortal body,

He is the Undying; limit and bond he knows not;

For him the aeons are a playground,

Life and its deeds are his splendid shadow.

Only to bring God's forces to waiting Nature,

To help with wide-winged Peace her tormented labour

And heal with joy her ancient sorrow,

Casting down light on the inconscient darkness,

He acts and lives. Vain things are mind's smaller motives

To one whose soul enjoys for its high possession

Infinity and the sempiternal
All is his guide and beloved and refuge.

Om Tat Sat,

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