[Advaita-l] On Bhakti Yoga

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 9 11:28:25 CST 2008

Namate Prnav-Ji:
  Here is something from giitaa that would possibly answer your question.
  chaturvidhaa bhajante maa.n janaaH sukR^itino.arjuna .
aarto jiGYaasurarthaarthii GYaanii cha bharatarshhabha .. 7\-16..

  Here, we have a clear indication and directive that kR^iShNaa himself isolates various type os bhaktaa's.  aarta, jiGYnaasuu, arthaarthii and GYnaani.
  teshhaa.n GYaanii nityayukta ekabhaktirvishishhyate .
priyo hi GYaanino.atyarthamahaM sa cha mama priyaH .. 7\-17..
  Out of these various kinds GYnani who is anaanya (not separate) appears to be his (kR^iShNaa's) favourate.  As further elaborated in giitaa 11.64 (bhaktyaa tvanyayaa shakyaH )
  avyaktaM vyaktim-ApannaM manyante mAm-abuddhayaH |
paraM bhAvam-ajAnanto mamA-vyayam-anuttamaM || (giitaa.  7 - 24 ||
The foolish think of Me, the Unmanifest, as having come to manifestation, not knowing My higher, immutable and peerless nature.

  Considering the above Acharyaa must have recommended bhakti as an excellent tool for liberation -  moxaa saadhanasaamgryaaM bhaktireva gariiyasii .
  Just my $0.02
  Kind regards,
  Dr. Yadu
Pranav Peshwe <pranavpeshwe at gmail.com> wrote:
  On Feb 8, 2008 9:20 AM, kuntimaddi sadananda 

> On Bhakti Yoga

> Krishna says in Ch.9-29:
> samoham sarva bhUtEShu na mE dvEShyOsti na priyaH|
> yE bhajantitu mAm bhaktyA mayi tE tEShu cApyahaM||
> I maintain equanimity to all – I do not favor anybody or disfavor anybody.

Namaste Sadanandaji,
Can you please elaborate a bit on this ?
Does the above mean that, the Lord makes no difference at all between a
bhakta and someone who is not ? The various tales wherein, the Lord acts as
a saviour for the bhakta(s) confuse me...

Kindly pardon my ignorance and correct me wherever necessary.
Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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it extinguishes the small, but enkindles the great.
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