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> Namaste Sadanandaji,
>                                     Can you please elaborate a bit on this ?
> Does the above mean that, the Lord makes no difference at all between a
> bhakta and someone who is not ? The various tales wherein, the Lord acts as
> a saviour for the bhakta(s) confuse me...
> Kindly pardon my ignorance and correct me wherever necessary.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Pranav

Pranav - PraNAms

Sorry I missed this. To give a simple example - let us take gravitational force.  It is
impartial and operates according to the law - so whether a scientist who knows the laws
or a lay man, if he falls from the fourth floor, it operates without any partiality.

But by understanding the law how it operates I can make use of the law to my benefit. It
is not that Law is favoring the fellow who is making use of it.

It is the same way.  Hence those who worship me, they are in me and I am in them. When I
recognize His presence and His laws as he is the karma phala daata etc, I can operate my
life properly with proper respect to the laws and to the totality that He stands for.
There is nothing to ask and nothing to beg but something to understand and operate
correctly - he is the jnaani.

Kulashekhara Alwar in Mukundamaala says 
Oh! Lord! why should I waste my time and your time with a big list of what I want. You
only give what I deserve as per my Prarabda. All I want is to be with you or to recognize
your present inside me and outside me - therefore I can never be away from you at any
time. Hence Krishna’s statement - they are in me and I am in them. 
antarbahisca tat sarvam vyaapya naaraayana sthitaH - Narayaana is inside and outside -
everywhere. Those who worship me implies those who understand me and my nature correctly,
they are in me and I am in them.

At least that is how I understand.

Hari Om!

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