[Advaita-l] the sense of "I"

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Sun Jul 27 01:37:01 CDT 2008

well said

On 25/07/2008, Marko Gregoric <markogregori at gmail.com> wrote:
> Namaste
> The sense of "I" cannot be detached from the other perceived objects
> "floating in consciousness" because it is itself a part of consciousness.
> Waking up from deep sleep, for example, gives birth to the sense of "I"
> together with everything else. It simply sticks to the perceived all the
> time. How can it be separated from the perceived? It is impossible. During
> deep sleep there is no sense of "I" at all but your real nature is still
> there, with or without the sense of "I". So the identification with the "I"
> is in my opinion also maya.
> In other words, the sense of "I" is also perceived and as the perceived
> cannot be the perceiver (which is your real nature), the "I" is not your
> real nature. Your real nature therefore posesses no sense at all. All
> senses
> can only exist in the domain of consciousness.
> That which wakes up in the morning is not your real self, that is maya.
> ; )
> Marko
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