[Advaita-l] the meaning trapped into the word

Marko Gregoric markogregori at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 10:29:17 CDT 2008

Dear Jaldhar!
I am reffering to your statement :
"Speech cannot reach brahman_for_the_man_who_has_already_reached_brahman_"

There is no such thing as a man that has not reached Brahman becauce there
is Brahman only. How can there be a man "out of" Brahman? Does that mean
that there are two types of men, some in Brahman and some out of it?
The "man" is a concept or more exactly a "man" is something made up of
different kinds of knowledge (scientific, philosophical, religious, common
and so on...). If you at some point of your life weren't told that you are a
man and what does that mean, you wouldn't know that.

We need  the guru in order to break  that veil of ignorance which is the
knowledge we assimilated during our lifes but  even once we've done that it
doesn't change our real nature which is always the same. How can there be
something or someone that has to reach what it/he or she is already? There
is no condition to fulfill in order to be Brahman. It is conditionless



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