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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Oct 23 22:50:38 CDT 2008

If gruhasthaa can have yogaarudhatvam, then why he has to take bhoutika
sanyaasa? First, can one make a statement that no gRihastaa can have that
state of mind? Who are we do dictate what he has to do so that he can fall
into our well-regimented pattern of living. I do agree that what is needed
is sanyaasa and we are making a declaration that it is difficult for
gruhasthaas as long as he has worldly duties. I agree that environment may
not be conducive, but if one is really looking for right environment to be
conducive to meditate, he will be waiting for ever – he may not find it
either by having kaashaaya dress. Important is not to have  kartRitva
bhaava - is it not?

praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

It is our own ancient seers who dictated certain terms & guidelines in the
form of smruti texts (like dharma sUtra-s) to lead a well regulated &
systamatic life...So, no vaidika dharma follower, sofar, would dare to
question their authority...However, I agree that gruhastha, who is pursuing
jnAna sAdhana, should not have  any katrutva bhAva while executing his
karma, but it does not mean that he can give up his karma itself which is
the vidhi (injunctions) imposed by our smruti texts....It is to be noted
here that he can give-up the expectations/fruits of karma (karma phala) but
NOT the karma-s itself..It is only *karma phala tyAga* not *karma tyAga*
which is recommended for gruhasthA-s...That  is the reason why krishna
asked arjuna to follow his svadharma while not thinking about  the outcome
of it...(karmaNyEva adhikAraste mA phalEshu kadAchana)..

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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