[Advaita-l] Pratyavaaya paapam

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Thank you for this detailed reply. I would like to ask one more thing in this regard, for clarity.
Brahmanas I understand are instructed by certain shastras as not to leave their birth-place (or Bharatha?), are not to accumulate wealth, not to work in 'other jobs' unless absolutely necessary, are to represent the culture by wearing panchakachha for grihasthas (right saree for stris), etc. It seems there are many such things that are also part of the varna dharma, that reflect the lifestyle and the Brahmana's role as preserver of Vedic culture in society. Are these elements also included in this discussion of pratyavaaya paapam and related, that orthodox Brahmanas who live or work in foreign countries and go around wearing pant/shirt without vibuthi, etc. consider seriously as things to correct?


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> On this topic, it would be useful to make clear what the nityakarmas,
> etc.  of non-Brahmanas are.


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