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My endeavour is to realise Brahman. All I can understand is that it is beyond wisdom. It is for all. Even Shri Adi Shankara propagated Hinduism against Buddhism. I do not know whether it was the call of the situation. Even if so why? 
Sanadhana Dharma seems to be wiser of all religions. But still every religion has its own believes including Hinduism. Though born as hindu I would like to be detached to it for various reasons. Hinduism helped emergence of many philosophers. May be basically I want to be detached with respect to the religious rights. 
The meditation chanting gets reverberated in my mind restlessly. Earlier I was doing the chanting and nowadays the Mantra chant me (that is how I feel) I realize Brahma in truth. I see it in being kind to other soul. I feel ultimately Brahman will bring in equality and do away with all ill happenings in this world. I look at it as the endeavour of the brahman.  
Brahman might be the theory of evolution. Hinduism believes in four yugas. But it may be the wrong understanding of the nature (I do not wish to hurt the feelings of any one, but trying to exchange my views) According to me it is brahman leading to evolution, civilization etc. I strongly believe we are for better tomorrow. By proper realisation of brahman we can know the origin of the universe and what not.
Physical universe is nothing but one’s own perception. If it were the case are there millions of universes? The answer is it is nothing but the realization of Brahman. Theory of maya helped the understanding. There is nothing but Brahman is true. 
Vivaka choodamani (Shri Adi Shankara)
225. Brahman is Existence, Knowledge, Infinity, pure, supreme, self-existent, eternal and indivisible Bliss, not different (in reality) from the individual soul, and devoid of interior or exterior. It is (ever) triumphant.
This has given a thought process.
V Ramani


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