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Dear Shri Mallapalli,
Thanks that at last you have told about the source of your knowledge of Lord Buddha. I have no comments. If you think that Lord Buddha did all the wrong things and preached the wrong things who am I to try to change your convictions.
Good luck.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Shri Bhattacharya,  
>Lord Buddha left his home, as a full-grown educated adult, at the age of
29 >years. He did study the Vedas like the Dvija scholars  did in those
days, ie >without understanding the inner meanings.  No brahmin scholar
including his >rajguru could explain the inner meanings to him. That is why
he had to seek >the inner meanings elsewhere and at the first instance he
approached the >different gurus. Then finally of course he discovered the
meanings himself.
Wikipedia says the contrary, that his father wanted to shield him from
religious study, so he may not have gotten the vedic study at all. It also
says he left home to overcome old age by living the life of an ascetic
(reminds me Yayati who wanted to be young but tried a different formula).
What stopped him from living a meditative life in the palace? Did he at
first think the source of knowledge is in some teacher? Alright that he
finally found nirvana, but did it not strike him that he had a missing karma
of not ruling his kingdom? How did he fulfil this karma? Did he attempt to
clear up this karma via meditation as well? When his father met him and
said seeking alms is not roayl lineage, he replies back saying he started his
own lineage, which doesn't sound fair compared to Hindu customs because
in Mahabharata Vyasa was still considered a rajarshi and offered the throne
by every one (except probably Dhritarashtra? not sure). So Buddha doesn't
cease to be a king but he created his own rules departing from established
history. Teaching his own father is another innovation, which is simply
needless in Vedic, because for a person who gets mukti, 7 generations
would anyway get mukti. (For others who didn't get mukti, as per
Asvalayana Shrauta Sutra. we don't have authority to offer homage to any
generation beyond grand father or one above him).   
Just trying to find out the ultimate cause of why he pursued his interests
which would explain the final end result for society as well as for
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