[Advaita-l] Jivanmukti - Jnana plus Sannyasa pt 4

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Oct 1 00:41:46 CDT 2009

Yes-Bhaskar-ji - you are absolutely right - after all why should either a 
seeker or a knower embrace the order of sannyasa when there is a high 
probability that he might be a avatara like Lord Rama - all he needs is 
for Lord Brahma to drop by any day now and give him the necessary 
information [- perhaps even an email might suffice in today's age?] :) - I 
guess Acharyas Shankara, Sureshwara and Vidyaranya ALL overlooked this key 

praNAms Sri shyam prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I request you to avoid sarcasm & look at the issue with little open 
mind...I am not only talking about avatarAra purushA-s like rAma & 
krishna..You have comfortably taken that one example & ignored the 
others...yes, for an uttama adhikAri a droplet of vedAnta vAkya would be 
more than enough to realize his svarUpa & establish himself in that truth 
amidst the cacophonies of saMsAra, he does not have to immediately rush to 
sanyAsAshrama to cement his jnAna.  ramaNa needed just a self enquiry, 
svetaketu needed upadesha nine times from his father, arjuna needed more 
than 500 hundred bhagavOpadEsha. who knows you may get the enlightenment 
if you get a direct mail from prajApati brahma about shruti vAkya :-)) so 
be rest assured..possibilities are there :-)).  So, please stop 
speculating on key points which shankara & sureshwara overlooked and try 
to understand what is available in their works.  Shankara says in sUtra 
bhAshya that even anAshrami-s like raikva, vAchaknavi etc. have got that 
Atma vidyA..anAshramitvena vartamAnOpi vidyAyAmadhikriyate, kutaH?? 
taddrushteH, raikva, vAchaknavi prabhruteenAM, evaM bhutAnAmapi 
brahmavitva shrutyupalabdheH...Please note shankara is not saying here 
these jnAni-s need to take saNyAsa to establish themselves in Atman or to 
get jeevanmukti.  And elsewhere shankara gives another example of naked 
yOgi saMvarta : saMvarta prabhruteenAM cha nagnacharyAdi yOgAt 
anapekshitAshrama karmANAmapi mahAyOgitvaM smaryate itihAse. 

And finally mundaka says "whoever" knows this truth as hidden in the cave 
of the heart, cuts the knot of ignorance..Please note the word "whoever", 
he might be a saNyAsi like our bhagavadpAda, shudra like dharmavyAdha or 
vidura, atyAshrami like raikva, vAchaknavi, saMsAri like yAjnAvalkya, 
vyAsa...bhakta like dhruva and prahlAda..

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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