[Advaita-l] Jivanmukti - Jnana plus Sannyasa pt 4

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Thu Oct 1 08:42:44 CDT 2009

Dear Bhaskar-ji

I have provided with six posts consisting primarily of references to both Shruti, Shankarabhashyas and Sureshwaracharya's vartikas - what you have provided is a stray reference in the Sutrabhashyas to shudras being eligible for jnanaprapti which is irrelevant, and names of jivanmuktas that begin with avatara purushas Maryada Purushottama Rama and Bhagwan Krishna....and then you continue on with more mythological figures Dhruva, etc whose jivanmukti has no connection whatsoever with the shravana manana nidhidhyasana of Advaita Vedanta. That in itself should tell you something.

It is ironic that you are adamant about adoptinig a stance that is totally contrary and diametrically opposed to what Shankara actually says, despite volumes of evidence to the contrary, and instead prefer to start invoking every blessed Mahatmas name starting from Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. If you start saying "Ishwara" didnt need to take "sannyasa" - so why should a seeker, then there is no sane discussion possible.

With regards to Bhagwan Ramana he did not even need self-enquiry to be enlightened and he spent close to two decades leading a monastic life in the caves of Arunachala after his initial self-experience.
I have myself said if you read through my posts that for a uttama adhikari a single sentence of tat tvam asi may suffice to have jnana, jnananishta and jivanmukti all in one stroke - the emphasis here is on uttama adhikari which as far as I am concerned is almost always only a theoretical possibility.

All my six posts - in case you have read them completely - are primarily direct quotes of Shankara's bhashyas -can you please point out one instance where you feel I have indulged in "speculation"? 

Honestly, I am surprised to see this coming from someone who repeatedly references the idea of belonging to a sampradaya that lays exclusive emphasis on being a follower of the "original" or "pure" Shankara siddhanta, especially considering the fact that Shankara's stance about formal sannyasa and jivanmukti is as unambiguous as can possibly be. 

Yes Mundaka does say whoever knows this truth gets the knots of avidyA undone - the very same Mundaka also says "vedanta-vijnana-sunischitarthah sannyasa-yogad yatayah shuddasattvah te brahma-lokeshu parantakale paramrtah parimuchyanti sarve.

Those monks to whom the entity presented by the vedantic knowledge has been FULLY ascertained AND who ENDAVOR assiduously with the help of the Yoga of MONASTICIM become free – - Monasticism is meant as a subsidiary of the knowledge of Brahman FOR ITS FULL MATURITY. The same Upanishad also says that this BrahmavidyA should be imparted ONLY TO THOSE WHO HAVE FORMALLY EMBRACED SANNYASA.

Do you find this compatible with your uniquely novel idea of the terms vedanta vijnana being synonymous with sannyasa?    

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

--- On Thu, 10/1/09, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> And finally mundaka says "whoever" knows this truth as
> hidden in the cave 
> of the heart, cuts the knot of ignorance..Please note the
> word "whoever", 
> he might be a saNyAsi like our bhagavadpAda, shudra like
> dharmavyAdha or 
> vidura, atyAshrami like raikva, vAchaknavi, saMsAri like
> yAjnAvalkya, 
> vyAsa...bhakta like dhruva and prahlAda..
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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