[Advaita-l] Sankara on sannyAsa for Steadiness in GYAna (was Re: Jivanmukti - Jnana plus Sannyasa pt 5)

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Dear Vidyasankarji,

I think what Bhaskarji says may appear to many to be a question like whrther  the egg came first or the chicken. But it need not be so. I shall give an example, only to convey the idea though one may find fault with the example. If one controls the breath, ie.does pranayama, then  the mind becomes calm and controlled. If one controls the mind by dhyana the breaths get controlled automatically. 

Simalarly a Jnani does niskama karma as he is a samadrasti and he realises everybody and everything is Brahman and he had overcome his self-interest. Now if one starts doing Niskama karma, say because one's guru advised one to do so or one wanted to follow the Bhagavad Gita without really realizing the merits of it, even then a time will come when he would automatically start doing Niskama karma, call it by force of habit if you like. Eventually he would realise the merit of doing the niskama karma and that he is no different from others and thus the Jnana will dawn on him.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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> But this jnAna is NOT the sole property of the 
> residents of saNyAsAshrama...Those who do not have the vedAdhikAra they 

Bhaskar, I have been following this debate to the best of my ability and time constraints, but can you point out to me one person/post where AtmajnAna is declared to be the sole property of the ASrama called sannyAsa?


> too can attain the 'same' result by itihAsa purANa...but fact remains that 
> they have to have that Atma jnAna only nothing else and this jnAna does 
> not come from the purusha tantra 'karma' and this karma has to be elevated 
> to the status of karmaphala saNyAsa rUpa karma yOga to get jnAna nishTe.

What do you mean by the above? jnAna does not come from karma, but karma yoga involving karmaphala sannyAsa = jnAna nishThA? How?


> Dear Karthik prabhuji, thanks for your reference from brahma sUtra...I 
> shall look at it when I go home today. And be rest assured I am going to 
> disprove NOT shankara but those who are declaring : WITHOUT EMBRACING 

Again, don't you think you are breaking down a strawman here?


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