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Tue Oct 20 08:39:47 CDT 2009

> Quote: "Turning the mind inwards does not come easy, which is why we have
> all the different karmas and
> upAsanas."
> This is again a statement coming out of affliction from secular ideas of
> equality of all men. Our fold fold varna dharma separates the people on the
> basis of their guNa visesham. Any appeal to the mind is made to the
> Brahmanas only for they are the ones destined to leave dehaabimaanam that
> starts with the abandonment of karma. To other varnas such advice to leave
> dehaabimaanam is forbidden. The other three varnas are needed for the
> stability, security and well-being of the society by their karmas.

I cannot presume to speak for anybody else, but I think this varNASrama debate

is quite peripheral to the Atman being described as the nearest and the farthest

away from human ken at the same time.


There is no guarantee to anyone that turning the mind inwards will come naturally.

Please read the bhAshya on the kaThopanishat verse "parA~nci khAni vyatRNat

svayambhUs tasmAt parA^N paSyati nAntarAtman"


In fact, it seems to me that the pride in being born a brAhmaNa can often be

greatly detrimental to many who aspire for moksha. Such a birth ultimately

pertains to the current deha alone and it can itself be a great obstacle in

leaving that dehAbhimAna. This has nothing to do with modern secular ideas

of equality, but it has everything to do with developing the qualities needed

for a mumukshu. Please read the prose chapters of upadeSasAhasrI to get

Sankara bhagavatpAda's own words on the subject.



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